Hope Always – Empowering Children with special needs in Africa

Hope Always is a NGO that struggles to empower children with special needs in Africa, focusing on the children’s access to Medical and Rehabilitation services, access to special needs education and vocational training skills, nutrition, recreation, advocacy and economic empowerment to the families of children with special needs.

Hope Always has already established a working relationship with the East African Community through the East African Legislative Assembly to see that all member countries of EALA can have National Centers for Children with Special Needs at list one for every country.

Hope Always plans to offer financial support to all the East African countries through “The Africa’s Special Needs Children Fund”. The financial support is to help the East African Countries to plan and come up with policies or improve on the existing ones as an intervention of ensuring that all children with special needs in Africa are empowered. This is to support Hope Always vision of Ensuring that all Children with special needs in Africa “Live in a Friendly Environment and Fully Enjoying their Rights”

Working hand in hand with the Uganda Government’s Ministry of Gender Labor and Social Development, Hope Always started already on the construction of the Uganda Center for Children with Special Needs.

The Center is to ensure that children with special needs will have access to Medical and Rehabilitation services, Special needs Education and Vicational Training skills, Recreation Services like Games and Sports. At the Center Children with special needs are to also have an opportunity to develop and practice their talent in music, dance and other performing arts.

According to many research papers focusing on special needs Children, 99% reveals that Children with Disabilities are the most vulnerable group of people in Africa.

Join Hope Always as we establish the Africa’s Special Needs Children Fund to avail the needed resources for the empowerment of Children with special needs in Africa.

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